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1959 Plymouth Plaza

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Services provided: Restoration

A little bit of information about this particular project...

One very big dent in the door on this one. Some expert panel beating and we had it straight again.

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Staff Profile - Joe Zyzalo

10-10-2014 Hits:57 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

Joe is our Apprentice here at Autotransformers. After working here for a while both Joe & Andrew decided it would be a good idea to sign him up. Joe's doing...

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Regency - We LOVE Regency

10-10-2014 Hits:43 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

  Did you know that we have an excellent track record of getting all types of cars passed through Regency for full roadworthy inspections?  We have been successful with hot rods, customs,...

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Open Day/Fundraiser Success!

09-10-2014 Hits:43 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

Our Open Day & Fundraiser for the Aussie Muscle Car Run was an absolute success.... The best part was that just under $2500 was raised to donate to Stuart's team...

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Project Insight - Toyota MR2

09-10-2014 Hits:55 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

This little beauty came to us after some Insurance repairs that had been done weren't quite up to scratch. The owner was so impressed with our work he decided to...

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22-08-2014 Hits:135 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

                            Did you know we also do custom work for motorbikes? Trav's quite handy on the airbrush as well. Here's a tank he recently finished. If you've got the...

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Tattoo Show

22-08-2014 Hits:117 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

                                                                                             We had a display at the Tattoo Show at Wayville recently. Here's a couple of pics. Special thanks to Trav for talking to everyone interested in our stand...

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New Signpost

22-08-2014 Hits:145 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

                                        Just in case you weren't 100% sure of where to find us we have put a new signpost out the front. You'll never miss this one.... Drive past...

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For Sale

22-08-2014 Hits:103 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

                                           We're getting rid of some equipment that we no longer use. We have a Car Bench up for sale as well as a dent pull system. Send us an email...

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Staff Profile - Danny Skidmore

22-08-2014 Hits:125 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

Danny is our pommy panel beater here at Autotransformers. He keeps the work shop alive with his lovely singing on a daily basis... Here's an insight to what he's all...

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Leukaemia Fundraiser

06-08-2014 Hits:139 News Leeanne - avatar Leeanne

Don't forget our Fundraiser on the 6th of September. This newsletter is your last reminder before the big day. We'd love to see you. Come and have a look at...

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